Sunday, January 15, 2012

Audiobook Recommendations from The Yarn Harlot's Commenters

Right before Christmas, as part of her series of great gift suggestions for knitters, The Yarn Harlot suggested audiobooks. Her commenters proceeded to suggest dozens of authors and titles they've enjoyed listening to. I thought it would be great to have the whole list for easy reference. So I put it into a table, which took quite a bit longer than you might think, and now I'm going to try to make it available here. This link to iDisk may not work after June 2012. If you have trouble, leave a comment.

So how many of these have you listened to or read? I count about 95 for me so far, including other titles by the authors mentioned.

I was inspired by The Harlot's post to subscribe to Audible, and I'm looking forward to working off this list for a long time!


Pat said...

I can't get to iDisk. Wish you would just post the list in your blog.

Judi P said...

I'm hoping you tried it from an iPad or iPhone. The link doesn't work for me, either, from my iPad. I do think it should work for you from a computer, though.

The list is nearly 140 records (authors) long and I don't know how many titles - well over 200. I really don't know of any way to post it here. I could post a list of authors only (no titles), I think, but the widget I found requires each to be entered one at a time and given how many hours I've already spent, I'm not eager to go that route. (I'd rather be knitting! :-)

Please try it on your PC, and let me know if it works. Thanks!