Friday, July 10, 2009



Why do swatches lie?

I just ripped out a lot of work. Because this sample sweater was WAY too big. I couldn't figure out why. My gauge swatch was perfect. Except then I checked the gauge just to rule it out was bad. Very bad. So I ripped. It's a sample. It needs to be right. And this is Karmic punishment for me telling people repeatedly that to get sweaters that fit they have to be willing to rip things when they're wrong. Sigh. So a week's work is reduced to a very large ball of crinkly. And, no, I didn't break rule 1 and rip in the middle of the night. I am jumping right back in, time is money with samples.

Anyhow, just needed to vent a touch...knew you guys would understand.

Love you,



Judi P said...

Did it really lie? This seems like such a simple question, but I often end up realizing I'm not a very good listener where swatches are concerned. Which is really dumb, given that you've just put a good part of an evening into making something the sole purpose of which is to speak to you.

And I know you know better, but did you swatch flat for a project that's knit in the round?

Or did you change needles?

Or were you mad at someone when you did the swatch?

Or have you only been working on your project after yoga or sex or similar relaxing activities?

Those are my top 5 guesses!

Judi P said...

Think I neglected to say how sorry I am that you spent so much time and had to start over. That totally sucks.