Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Great Knitting Magazine

Dear Girls,
Have you been holding out on me? I just randomly clicked on an ad on Ravelry (hardly ever do that unless I'm seriously interested, since I know it costs the advertiser half a penny or something like that) and am now in love with Knotions Magazine. How come I didn't know about this? I think it replaces MagKnits, which I never knew about, either, until it was history.

Here's the reason love Knotions so much. I've been searching hard for a shell to make to go under my current project. I've done several really serious searches on Ravelry, and even though I saw this, it didn't stand out from the crowd for some reason. I'm sure I can modify this a little to echo some of the design elements of the Retro Jacket. I'm so excited!


1 comment:

Libby P said...

oh cool, that is a great little shell! i wasn't holding out on you, i swear! i don't think i've looked at knotions in a long time, i don't usually find much there that i like. glad you looked though!